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Extended Validation (EV) SSL - What do you think?

By yuvarajr ·
With threats from online fraud evolving quickly on the Internet, consumer needbetter way to confirm the identity of online entities to be sure they are safe on the secure site.



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More Online Trust

by ClickSSL In reply to Extended Validation (EV) ...

The Internet has successfully created many new global business opportunities. However, that growth has also attracted fraudsters and cyber criminals who use various, sophisticated and ever changing tactics to capture personal information.

To address these growing threats, the industry has been developing new solutions and new products to increase trust and safety in the online world. A new class of digital certificates, known as Extended Validation or EV SSL certificates, has been created. Like current High Assurance certificates, this new class of certificate not only allows your customers to transact safely with you, but also provides a highly visible and recognizable assurance to your customers that they are dealing with you and not an impostor.

Now isn't that what your customers need to know before they will do business with you?
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a question or two for you

by Jaqui In reply to More Online Trust

1) the EV-SSL certs, besides costing more money and turning address bar green, do they have the CA HANDING CASH OVER to people ripped off by a merchant out to rip people off?

2) since the answer to 1 is no, why should any merchant spend money on a CA cert?
you aren't backing anyone in the transactions, you are only enabling the ssl layer.

not one reason for buying a certificate from a known CA instead of rolling my own.
simply because the VALIDATION is meaningless if you aren't doing anything BUT records checking. something like guaranteeing the customers aren't ripped of by bad merchants, by putting the money back into the consumer's hands.

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And one for you.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to a question or two for you

Why are you responding to these spammers?

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