Extending Boot Partition

By bsiegfried ·
I have a PowerEdge 2650 running Windows 2003 server. Disk 0 and 1 are in a Raid 1 configuration. Disk 2-5 are in Raid 5. My raid 1 is partition to a 12GB boot partition (C drive) and a 150GB data partition (D drive). The raid 5 is in a 400 GB E drive. I do not want to touch the E drive.

I am running low on disk space on the boot partition (C drive). There is no data on the D drive. Is it possible for me to delete the D drive partition and then add some of that space to the boot partition?

I have a 30 day eval of BottItNg. From that utility I can resize my drives.

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If BottltNg can resize your drives but haven't been able to do it...

by IT-Sim?n In reply to Extending Boot Partition

I would use

Gparted has a big community of users, it's easy to use... lots of resources to go to when something doesn't work right.

however.. regardless of how safe anything may sound, it always sucks when something goes wrong, always back up your stuff. (best way to back it up.. image of it... that way you avoid having to re-install Os and reconfigure your server)
i would create an image of that partition..... then do away with whatever hard drive is the problem... put in a decent sized one.. and restore the partition..

Windows PE and imageX are free solutions for doing the imaging...

good luck.

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Of course it is possible

by power zhu In reply to Extending Boot Partition

In fact, you need not to delete partition D, just shrink D and expand C with the unallocated space. I like to use easeus partition master, it supports server and raid perfectly, the most important it is safe to your data, if a SW crashed your OS or loss your data, it is huge loss. the new version can enlarge the partitions, including the os without reboot, very help.
btw, there is detail solution about low disk space problem on server

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Extending Boot Partition

by In reply to Extending Boot Partition

MiniTool Partition Wizard can help you no matter it is Windows Server Operating System such as Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 or Non-Server Operating System such as Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Your data will be protected during partition extending.

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Resize RAID 1 Mirror Disk Boot Partition

by jacksonam In reply to Extending Boot Partition

To <a href="">resize RAID 1 partition</a>, you don't need to delete D partition, just shrink D partition to generate some unallocated space, then, add the unallocated space into C drive.

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i agree with above

by markp24 In reply to Extending Boot Partition

Also there is easus partition tools ,
Gparted works great

just be aware of the boot partition size limitations (2gb for some OS's)

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