Extending CAT5 Recommendation

By chebontx ·
Can someone recommend a hub, router, switch, repeater for extending CAT5 wiring beyond the set limit (I forget what it is)? I have a small LAN with Broadband Internet access. When trying to run a CAT5 wire to the next building it exceeds the distance limit. Basically I am trying to setup a LAN in another building and have it connect to the existing LAN (for Internet and connecting to other computers). Sorry I am not a networking expert so if you need additional information please let me know. No server, only Windows XP machines.

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signal booster

by sgt_shultz In reply to Extending CAT5 Recommenda ...

i have not used one but i have seen them in use. i think most strong router mfg brands offer them. cisco, netgear, like that.
have you considered wireless?

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Try anyway

by ozi Eagle In reply to Extending CAT5 Recommenda ...


Try running the cable anyway, it might work OK, even if you exceed the specs. If it doesn't work use a signal booster as suggested by Sgt Schultz

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CAT5 limit

by ask.hemant In reply to Extending CAT5 Recommenda ...

185 meter is CAT5 max limit but dude you can do one thing you will have to use one non managable switch at 170 m .
if it exceeds more than tat again use one more switch and you can connect your LAN.But repeater will fell in conectivity and throu put of your network . so i suggest you better way use switch.

For any more help do let me know on

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cat5 extender

by podum In reply to Extending CAT5 Recommenda ...

Try Go to Products, select Ethernet Extenders, They work great. They are good company to do business with. Good Luck. Podum

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