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    Extending trial period on Server 2003


    by azul ·

    I am studying for my MCSE and have ordered a 180 trial version of Server 2k3. My 180 days is almost up, is there a way to LEGALLY extend the trial period?
    Is there a way to run Active Directory in Linux?

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      AD on Linux via Samba

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Extending trial period on Server 2003

      Active Directory Services on Linux is accomplished via a package called Samba. I doubt that it will be useful as a tool to pass an MS certification exam. However, here is the location of the information.

      Some specific information about compatibility:

      The main table of contents for everything that you want to know about Samba. You can search this page for ADS and match case to find all of the references to Advanced Directory Services.

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      Legal extensions

      by bbob ·

      In reply to Extending trial period on Server 2003

      AFAIK since the EULA says “180 days” and that’s it, that’s it. You can call MS’s licensing division and ask them about an extension but I think they’ll tell you to install a second trial, or upgrade to the full product.

      Or, if you ask Bill Gates to fly around the world backwards until time reverses…Hey, Superman can do it!

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      by andrew06 ·

      In reply to Extending trial period on Server 2003

      Well, i’d say if you were ONLY studying for your MCSE and you only need it for that…then go and google “Tweak NT 1.21.rar”

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      by bdman2001sg ·

      In reply to Extending trial period on Server 2003

      Hi Ive also started MCSE course at a local institute in Singapore. Im really struggling to catch up with the study. Presently im doing exchange server 2007. Im working in a shipping company as a asst manager (operations). Can you please help me by sharing some learning tips (video lessons etc) to cope with my study. many thanks in advance

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