Extending WiFi signal

By hmann361 ·
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I have CenturLink DSL(only service offered in my area) and I have a centurylink modem/router. I just built a shop in my backyard that’s about 60-70ft away from the house and my question is how do I boost the signal to the shop. It would just be for streaming purposes. I am not a tech guru so please make it easy for me to understand lol
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by abartkiewicz In reply to Extending WiFi signal

I would run an Ethernet cable to your shop plug one side into your router and get another Wireless access point to install in your shop.

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Depends on what is feasible

by engineeringera In reply to Extending WiFi signal

I wouldve suggested to get an Wifi extender/ booster that is readily available in the market, but 60-70 ft seems like a lot of distance. I have an idea, why dont you get a good quality, long Ethernet cable, and see how far it can take you. Then use a booster to boost the signal even further to your shop.
Lemme know if this is good for you.

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