Exteremly slow performance on Terminal Server 2003

By geniusmind4 ·
Hello everyone, I am in great trouble these days. Just built a terminal server on Win2k3 R2 32 bit, the hardware is Intel XEON Quad Core with 8 GB ram and 500 GB or Hard drive.

The problem is when I logon locally to the server it works perfect but I have an environment where people are only allowed to ues internet via Remote Desktop, now the problem, it takes 30 seconds or sometimes even more to minimize or maximize a window, switching the program with ALT TAB takes time too. If someone starts watching a video on youtube, it gets stuck that you cannot even watch it properly and the rest of the user also get affected by it .. slow response or no respone.....Please help me.. I tried tweaking with registry but not use.. can someone please help me out.

Thanks in Advance.

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by Jon In reply to Exteremly slow performanc ...

Single Hard Drive???

What does the disk I/O look like?

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Not Single

by geniusmind4 In reply to RE:

I have two hard drives, each 500 GB. There is no problem wih I /O , I can login locally and work at full pace but its just when I start working via remote desktop. I more thing I have realized is it gets stuck more wheneve I use anything with rich graphics, thought its slow always but with graphic content..

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by patb071 In reply to Not Single

What kind on network are you running on? Bandwidth? If its only remote coneects sounds like you are low on bandwidth.

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LAN 100 Mbps

by geniusmind4 In reply to network

Its a Lan environment of 100 Mbps, a simple network, a domain controller and around 15 clients. I am connecting via lan not over the interent. Amazing thing is, I have this old server that was simple dual core machine with 2 GB ram and the performance was better than this one..

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