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External CD RW w/USB Interface

By tlwestaz ·
Hi Techies!

I am a mainframer, so finding technical reviews on PC equipment eludes me, thought I HAVE spent over 20 hours on this one topic!!

I need an external CD RW drive w/a USB interface for my laptop in order to do regular backups. I have looked for reviews, and I can not find any for the new units w/fast speeds. I have found a TDK Velo that is 24X10X40 w/a 2.0 USB BUT...can find no reviews on it. I also have no idea how to tell what USB my (fairly new) Vaio is. I also found anIOMEGA unit and a LACIE unit. Again...I can find no (unbiased) reviews.

Any advise, referral, input welcome!!!!

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I can tell you this much...

by mrafrohead In reply to External CD RW w/USB Inte ...

I personally own a TDK VeloCD 12/10/32 - and I love it!!!

I burn at least one disk a day, although it's usually at least ten a week. Sometimes a considerable amount more.

The burner has ALWAYS taken it and it burns it flawlessly. Compared to the last burner I had, I have made almost no coasters which is a very nice bonus.

As for the 24x drive, i have a friend that owns one and he likes it a lot, although I know he isn't pushing his like I push mine.

Point of the matter. The take a lickin and keep on tickin!!!

Any further questions, let me know.


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