external DVD burner stopped responding

By azhu ·
I have just installed my Windows Vista Business edition on my laptop (Thinkpad T42). I have Deamon Virtual CD-DVD drive installed on them and my laptop has one internal CD-burner. The problem happened when I tried to plug in my external USB DVD burner into my laptop. Somehow the Deamon Tools failed to load if I have the external burner turned on when I boot and the Nero simply stucked after I click on Create Data CD option. I have tried to uninstall both Deamon and Nero but the problem is getting worse in a sense that Windows will simply stuck at the boot up screen for like 10 minutes unless I turn the burner off during boot up process.
I checked the Device Manager when the burner is turned on and everything looks perfect, no device with question mark whatsoever.
However, if I turn on the burner after windows is boot up, it will give me a message saying that the USB device could perform faster if I connect it to a USB 2.0 port although I am very sure the port I connected it to is USB 2.0.
Could anyone please help me with the problem? Thanks a lot!

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At a guess I would say that you have found one of the many

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to external DVD burner stopp ...

Undocumented Features of Vista.

If you have a retail copy of the Business Edition ring M$ Technical Support and get them to come up with a solution which they will most probably be unable to do but it's worth a try.

My personal suggestion would be that once M$ Technical Support tells you that this product will not work with your current hardware configuration wipe the HDD and install XP and work with that till such time as the Business Community decides which way they are going to go stick with the flawed M$ product or look for something that works.

You can also try the M$ Windows Vista Community for a solution as well and that's here


Though from what I've seen of this site I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for a reply but at least it's worth while informing M$ of this issue as they need to fix their code to allow Vista to sort of work.


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