External Hard drive

By Tod.m.clites ·
I purchased a box for my 30 gig hard drive from my old DELL and Barracud 7200.7 and when I connect everything, it recognizes it but then tells me there must be something wrong.The message says there may be a problem with the hardware. However it worked great until now. The directions told me to make sure it wa switched into Master mode? Also there were no directions for windows XP. Anyone got advice(other than telling me I need to go to school)

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Are the jumpers set correctly?

by w2ktechman In reply to External Hard drive

different HDD's will have different jumper settings for master/slave/cable select.
the incorrect setting may destroy the drive so be careful.
Also, the cable will have either master by one connector (or drive 0), slave by another (or drive 1), and CPU by another. Plug these in to the drives properly as well. If you are unsure about settings, use cable select and then plug the cables in to assign master/slave settings.

or GO TO SCHOOL -- wait, I wasnt supposed to add that part -- lol.

how bout READ A BOOK. -- I think thats better, dont you?

hope this helps, but if there are still problems, have the BIOS check the hdd's to see if there are problems. these tests can be anywhere from 10 min-2 hours and more.

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External = master

by ozi Eagle In reply to External Hard drive

Hi Tod,
In my experience, external HDDs must be set as master on the jumpers, other settings just don't work

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by w2ktechman In reply to External = master

I mostly use notebook drives as external drives. Usually they are set to cable select and work fine in the multibay that I use.

maybe it depends on the multibay or drive tray?

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