external hard drive and vista issue

By jeffbrown17 ·
I have an external hard drive from Seagate. 120 GB. USB. When I plug it into new tower with Vista it won't recognize it the disk just makes clicking noise. Seagate website says no drivers are required for drives with USB? I need to get the info off that drive. Any info greatly appreciated.


Jeff Brown

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not a vista problem

by nelsontb In reply to external hard drive and v ...

its probably a board problem try the back connectors instead or use an external power supply for the hdd

some boards cant supply enough amps on the for front panel usb

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OK but

by jeffbrown17 In reply to not a vista problem

This is a brand new tower with more power than the laptop I used to use the drive with. And what else would I plug it into? The only source of power is the usb on the tower I have.

I bought the tower b/c I blew the usb ports on the laptop, and I think stuff arc'd over to the motherboard. Is it possible that the laptop somehow blew the external drive when I hooked it later afer blowing the usb ports.


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blew up???

by nelsontb In reply to OK but

how did you blew the usb ports???
brand new doesn't mean anything my (at the time) new asus p5n32-sli deluxe doesn't have enough but my old (nameless) pIII board has

you can always open the case take the hdd and connect it directly to the pc just to make sure the hdd isn't fryed

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not a vista problem

by nelsontb In reply to external hard drive and v ...

its probably a board problem try the back connectors instead or use an external power supply for the hdd

some boards cant supply enough amps for the front panel usb

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Problem with Seagate USB & VISTA

by gsmith644 In reply to external hard drive and v ...

I'm using a similar config - Maxtor external USB HDD. It just plugged in and played! Perhaps you've got a bad piece of hardware on your hands? Other thought is to touch base with Seagate to see if they have any issues with VISTA. In the case of the Maxtor "backup software" it definitely DID have VISTA issues! So I just use Backup Plus by Avantrix and it works like a charm. Too bad more hardware/software vendors aren't up to speed w/VISTA yet. Maybe they were holding off to see if VISTA was really going to 'fly' before investing in support?

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when USB hard drives are not recognized

by dserdu In reply to external hard drive and v ...

Some thoughts based on experiences with WD 120Gb Passport drives. WD characterized the clicking as a power starvation condition, as the drives require 1000ma to spin up and many USB ports top out at 500ma. WD even offers what appears to be a bridge cable that delivers the power from two USB ports to a single device. Good luck actually getting a cable, though.

1) I've found that back panel/motherboard USB ports tend to work better than front panel ones.

2) Try each port; some may deliver just enough extra power to get it to work.

3) Don't use USB extension cables. Cable length and intervening connectors decrease delivered current.

4) Defintely try external power if your drive supports it.

5) If you're unsure whether the drive still works try it on other machines (friends, neighbors, etc.) until you get a statistical sample.

6) If you DO get it to work, you may run into file read/write failures. If so go to device manager for the external drive and change its properties under the policies tab (XP Pro) to "optimize for performance" in order to enable read/write caching. Default setting is to "optimize for quick removal" which is fine most of the time but not with a dodgy USB connection.

Good luck!

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by jeffbrown17 In reply to when USB hard drives are ...

I used it with a port on the back of the machine and it worked fine! Thanks!

One other question - a friend told me that I blew the USB ports on my laptop b/c I was simply unplugging USB 2.0 devices (like this external hard drive) without first disabling them (and their related power source) by right clicking on the icons that appear when you plug them into the computer. Is this true?


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oops I blew it again?

by dserdu In reply to thanks!

Thankfully I don't have a lot of experience destroying USB ports but I find the theory that one could destroy them by unplugging a device without warning... a bit far fetched. One of the design objectives of USB was, I believe, hot swappability. You could certainly lose data if a device was pulled while being written to, but damaging the port hardware itself ought to require drawing too much current *and* the overcurrent protection failing to kick in. Just a guess, but I would think it more likely that port destruction would happen when a device (perhaps a USB paperclip?) was plugged in, not when it was removed.

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My portable USB hard drive finally works well in Windows Vista 64

by jchhay007 In reply to when USB hard drives are ...

I have proved that the USB drive can work in Windows Vista 64bit. I found out that ports on my new PC (Abit IN9 and E6850) do not have enough power for the USB external drive to draw power from. In Windows Vista 64bit, I had not been able to get to drive to work by merely plugging in the drive using a regular USB cable. However, I got the drive to work when I used a special USB cable with three USB connectors. One tip connected to the USB drive, one connected to the PC USB port, and another end connected to a USB charging adapter (a two-prong charger with a female USB charging port). I have a picture that I want to show, but I can't find a way to upload the photo.

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External USB drive and Vista - External hard drive (new) enclosure

by tim In reply to external hard drive and v ...

External hard drive and vista issue

Had the same problem with three different drives and Vista, yet all three worked correctly when installed internally. The drive was initially recognised then dropped before it appeared in Explorer window.

Finally looked at the jumper, set at 'Enable Cable Select'. Changed this to 'Master or single drive' and lo and behold it works perfectly.

Hope it isn't just a fluke for me and works for you.

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