External Hard Drive in device manager, but not My computer

By fonzinator99 ·
Okay guys, I've had this problem with TWO hard drives now. The current one is a Western Digital Passport 120 Gb mobile hard drive. As far as I can tell, there's no actual reason for this problem, as I didn't do anything abnormal to it. It simply failed during normal use two days ago.
Now, when I plug it in, it makes a strange 2-tone buzzy sound, then it stops and my computer makes the USB-detected beep. I go to device manager, and it appears there and claims to be working properly. However, it doesn't show up in My Computer OR the disk management utility. So, anybody know what to do? I'd really prefer not to simply get it replaced, at least not without getting my stuff off of it first. Help!

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suspect this is a drive letter issue

by mirok18 In reply to External Hard Drive in de ...

had a similar issue using a external drive, seems windows wants to re-use drive letters even if it is being used by another device like a flash drive.
try setting the drive letter high, i.e. Z
http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=307844 has info on doing this

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Faulty drive

by GhostBrowser In reply to External Hard Drive in de ...

The fact it's not in the disk management utility makes me think it's bad
I have had drives make tones like this
Can be the platters are not spinning

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