External Hard Drive issue

By mr_nate2003 ·
Ok I had a Dell laptop..the laptop had tons of battery issues so I got a new laptop(Compaq)well then I ordered an external hard drive case and took the old hard drive from my Dell out and put the thing together and hooked it up throught USB....it doesn't read it...when I plug it in it starts buzzes then stops and I can't find it on my laptop. How can I find it and/or get it to work?O and the Dell was Windows XP Compaq is Vista

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Look at the USB Lead

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to External Hard Drive issue

These should have 2 USB Plugs that need to be used to plug into the computer to provide the required power.

The first USB Plug is just a Power Connector and the Second USB Plug is a Power & Data Connector.

If the HDD is or is over 80 GIG the Computer can not supply enough power from 1 USB Port to power the Drive correctly.

If you do not have 2 free USB Ports on the Computer plug in a Powered USB Hub and then plug the External HDD into 2 Ports of the USB Hub to make sure that it has enough Power.

Now as to the actual Drive many do not require a jumper on the Drive when you fit them to a USB Caddy if it is a IDE Drive. Remove the HDD from the Caddy and look at the Pins where you plug it in if there is what looks like a piece of Plastic over 2 of the pins remove it refit to the USB Enclosure and test again. If it now works fit the cover to the enclosure and you're fine to go. If it doesn't work refit the Jumper to the HDD and set it as Master then try again.

When you get this working you may be required to Take Ownership of the Files so you can access them so follow the directions here.



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