External Hard Drive Malfunction

By silverangel45 ·
so I was screwing around with the permission on an external hard drive trying to get overall permissions to all files . i deleted the permissions for the g: (external) drive and now the remove drive icon pops up when i connect the drive to my laptop and my computer but the auto play does not pop up, the disk does not pop up under my computer, it appears as unknown devicde under device manager, and i can't open it.. i looked under system something and it said that the disk was unreadable... my question is how can i fix this?

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A good lesson in not playing with permissions

by Tig2 In reply to External Hard Drive Malfu ...

I have to ask before giving any input- Why do you not have overall permissions on your own device? Or what was the nature of the experiment that you were doing?

Please understand that we get lots of hacker types here. I don't care to feed them but do want to give you an answer to your problem. Can you help me to understand why you were motivated to do this?

I look forward to your answer.

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def. not a hacker

by silverangel45 In reply to A good lesson in not play ...

i wish i was a hacker then i could probably have all old my files back .. but i didn't have permission b/c it was from my old laptop that crashed. it produced a smokin smell everytime we turned it on so someone at a computer store pulled it out for me and put it in this external drive.. i guess it was b/c i had passwords on my old profile or because i was accesing old computer files from a new computer. I'm not sure.. and i've been searching websites for solutions, but i have come up w/ nada.. can u help me?

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by Tig2 In reply to def. not a hacker

I think that you have to take ownership of the files in your new profile. Unfortunately, if the old lappie smoked, there is a real possibility that your drive is also in trouble.

I have heard of folks getting files back via a Live Linux distro. That might work for you also.

Something like this may be covered in detail on the Microsoft Knowledge Base. I would give it a search.

Part of the reason that you may not be finding information is that you problem sounds more like ownership than permissions. Try incorporating that term in your searching.

The password protection in your old profile will require you to use that UID/pass combination to successfully own the files again.

Good luck. File recovery is a bear!

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As Tig has already said

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ownership

It's more to do with Ownership of the Files which you get by following the directions here


If you had the files Encrypted you may be able to get the Encryption Keys off the Old HDD by following the directions here


Depending on what you've actually done here it may prove difficult to get back into your Drive but it should be listed in Computer Management and if it is not available you can try right clicking on it and Applying the new drivers which may allow it to be read again.

Lets know how you get on.


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