External Hard Drive not communicating

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My WD Elements Desktop HD will not communicate with my laptop.
The problem started when it was brand new and I was transferring data to it. I got an error after about 20GB and it crashed.
Now when I connect it I get the bleep sound from the laptop and it partially shows up in file explorer. By partially, I mean a drive letter is assigned but that's it - no other information. In addition, my laptop slows down to a crawl if I try to do any other operation.
I cannot access the drive in any way from the laptop so scanning the disk with software repair programmes is not possible.
Interestingly, when I connect it to my TV, I can view all the photos and videos on it and interact with them normally.
The disk did not receive any post purchase knocks or bangs.
I have done quite a bit of troubleshooting and I can be sure what the problem is not: It's not;
1. The USB cable or port on my laptop
2. My laptop or OS (tested on Windows 7, 10 and Vista on 2 pcs)
3. Power issues to the drive
4. A virus (I have no virus on my laptop and robust virus protection)

It is under warranty but that is of no use to me. There is data on it that I don't have copies of and I need to get it off. Therefore non deletion of data has to be part of the solution.
I have listened to it carefully and it does make a non-uniform humming sound but only in the first 30 seconds after start up after which it seems to run smoothly. To hear the sound I need to have it close to my ear and I can feel a small vibration with my hand about 3 times in the first 30 seconds Since I don't know.
If this is the problem then I'd like to know what I'm looking to fix before I take it apart.
I've been quoted €700 to have it repaired and they didn't even look at it!

The only thing I want from it is to get the data off it. Then I can bring it back to the retailer to be replaced.

Thanks in advance

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