external hard drive with one touch backup for multiple users

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Hello all,

I have very little IT background, but got put in charge of devising a data backup solution for the company, so please be gentle.

We are a company wtih 8 people. I am looking to start small with an external drive that each perosn would physically connect to thier machine periodically to backup. I need a drive with one-touch backup software that can be installed on multiple computers. The ability to password protect backed-up folders and the drive itself would also be great. any suggestions?


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Depends on what you are asking

by OH Smeg In reply to external hard drive with ...

If it is to use 1 drive on all 8 computers then no.

If it is to use a different drive for each computer then just about any will do the job. There are even quite a few External Cases that you can fit your own drive to that will do this. But as this isn't a researched Disaster Recovery Plan I would have to advise against relying on Software to be the basis of your DR Plan. It is a common problem that when this is needed to recover data the software isn't usable on the new hardware so while you have your Data there it's impossible to access.

This happened when Vista was released and some people moved to Vista from XP they had their Data Encrypted under XP and then just threw out the XP and replaced it with the Vista unit which doesn't support XP Encryption. So they had to get their Data recovered on a XP Computer so they could transfer it to the Vista Machine. Not a problem in a place with a IT Department but a major problem in a small place without one.

There is much more to plugging in and backing up that needs to be considered before deploying a plan that may place the Companies Data in Jeopardy.


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