external harddrive file recovery

By desimal88 ·
I have run about 4 or 5 different file recovery software applications and each one said the disk had zero files. Is it possible to recover the files on this external harddrive? if so how?

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Well depending on what is wrong with the drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to external harddrive file r ...

And how IMPORTANT the data actually is it's always possible to recover data off a dead drive. Though it may not be overly cheap.

Though if the data is important it's always best to give the drive to a professional and pay them to recover the data. It's only when you can afford to loose all the data on the drive that you should attack it with Data Recovery Software as if the heads are scraping the platters the more that the drive is run the more damage you are doing and the more likely that you are rendering data unrecoverable.

Many professional data recovery specialists can dismantle the drive and read the platters so that they do no more damage to the covering of the platters where the data is stored. Once that covering is gone there is no possibility of recovering anything.

However saying that in 99% of cases I've ever seen recovery software has always been successful in recovering data relatively cheaply. It' that other 1% where the problems come in.

If however it would only be NICE to recover the data and you can afford to loose it all then most Data Recovery will be all that is required. You can try recuva from Piriforma which I have been told works quite well and as it's free it doesn't hurt the hip pocket.


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I think impossible to see nothing in your external hard drive.

by Kendy519 In reply to external harddrive file r ...

I don't understand why you can' t see nothing in your extertnal hard drive, even if some files were overwritten, you see something others files. Maybe you can use Windows fix to fix your external hard drive disk firstly. I ever use a tool named Tenorshare Data Recovery Pro to recover deleted files from my Seagate external hard drive. You can download from Cnet: Besides, if recovery software doesn't work and your data are important, I suggest you ask professinonal recovery service for help!

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Might be the external drive's case

by jqbecker In reply to external harddrive file r ...

There is a tiny circuit board in the external case, that might be the issue, not the drive itself.

If you are comfortable witha screwdriver and disconnecting cables:
1. Remove the disk from the external case
2. If you have a desktop computer, try installing it as a second drive
3. if you have a laptop, get a new external case and install the drive in the new case
-external cases are pretty cheap, I found several that are $30 and under at local computer store.

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Yes, You can recover

by tanyagarg In reply to external harddrive file r ...

I think there are some major issues with your hard drive. If your data is really important and you cannot bear the data loss at any condition then don't waste your time and hire any data recovery expert. They might b charge you little high but for sure they will recover your data. I have tried disk recovery services of Stellar Data Recovery and found them quite good.

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Data Recovery Software

by Simply_Michael In reply to external harddrive file r ...

yes it is possible, you have to use data recovery software

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it is possible and yes files could be got back

by JohnThorone In reply to external harddrive file r ...

your external hard drive might become RAW or cause by false operation that the computer could not read your drive files.
you may try a free and powerful software called easeus data recovery wizard free, it might help you get your files back from the hard drive. it is capable to read the inaccessible files and get them out from your drive.
good luck

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external harddrive file recovery

by bristoldatarecover In reply to external harddrive file r ...

The services of professional data recovery can be contacted for such a problem as they have the best team of engineers to diagnose the whole issue effectively and the earliest by providing the most suitable explanation and hence recommend a perfect matching solution to the whole plus can also suggest some precautionary measures if necessary.

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external harddrive file recovery

by Gemmy Johnson In reply to external harddrive file r ...

Use mighty software to recover your precious external hard drive file. Remo Recover software uses features which are helpful for users and also performs fast recovery.

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recover files from external harddrive

by ajasmine686 In reply to external harddrive file r ...

I was in this issue before. I searched online and found some data recovery tool called Amrev data Recovery. It helps me get all important data. You can take a try

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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

by newcastle2015 In reply to external harddrive file r ...

Both external HDDs and NAS devices (regardless of how many drives are contained within them) have firmware programs built in that hold a series of commands that tell the drives how to function. These commands are passed through the PCBs on the back of the drives (or each drive in the case of Network Assisted Storage device) and do so to maintain the balance between working too hard or not working enough. They also control the speeds at which the drives spin within their caddies.

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