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By jt62085 ·
So the Basics: I own a SimpleTech SimpledDrive external HDD. It holds 160Gb, but i only have about 35Gb on it now. Mostly music... lots of music.
I lost the password. I know, I hear the skepticism now. It has 256 data encryption, which i realize isn't exactly easy to get around, and impossibly tedious to brute force.
When I was talking to a tech from Dell (fixing my laptop), he mentioned there might be a way to circumvent the password though some sort of DOS application, which might allow me to view the files without the encrypting filter. I don't know how possible this is.
What I would like to know is if there is anything I can do to attempt to access the music. I'm happy to relay anyone my information if they want my local PD to check me out and see that I haven't stolen it. I still have the box and everything (i'm a packrat...). I was trying to outfox myself and put a good password on it, and then i forgot it, like a jerk. i didn't even need a password on it, but I thought it would be a good idea. Well anyhow, if anyone has any advice other than, "you're trying to steal that drive and we won't help you here at TR!" or "kiss your information goodbye, jerk," then I would be most incredibly appreciative. Thanks for the time to read this, and the help in advance!

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Wish this was going to be helpful

by Tig2 In reply to External Harddrive Passwo ...

I think I knew of the app that your Dell guy was referring to but the senility monster is living large today. I checked a few that I have worked with but can't find anything that isn't specific to the OS and racking my admittedly addled brain, I am pretty sure that old DOS app was OS specific.

As you have mentioned, there are ways to brute force your way in. That may be your best option. I would also suggest that Google may know something I don't (remember the part about senility?) so may be able to offer you some alternatives.

One thing I CAN suggest to you is a program that I have used for years. It's called Oubliette http://www.tranglos.com/free/oubliette.html

Oubliette is an Open Source password store house. It uses strong encryption on the front door password (the one you had better NEVER lose!) but provides categorised storage for passwords and passphrases in clear text along with the URLs that they are related to.

Believe me, if it weren't for toys like this, I wouldn't be able to log in to anything. Must be that senility thing.

Good luck!

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