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    External HDD


    by ozi eagle ·

    I’ve just connected an external HDD, via USB.
    My W2K computer only allows 8 character file / folder names to this HDD.
    Is this normal?
    If not how can I fix it?


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      I’ve seen this occur before with new USB drives. I don’t know the exact cause yet, but the solution that has always worked is to reformat the new drive on that computer. From that point onward it will mount correctly each time.

      If you cannot reformat due to existing data, try doing a safe unmount, power off, power on, remount.

      Did this resolve the problem in your case?

      —–Steve Jackson

      Software Corporation (Softcorp)
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        by ozi eagle ·

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        Hi Steve,

        Thanks, that seems to have solved the problem.


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      by ozi eagle ·

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