External HDD - Not showing up in the drive list

By naresh.joshua ·

I have a 500 GB Western Digital My Book? Essential Edition External Hard Drive (WDG1U5000). It has been working fine for around 7-8 months. Suddenly I am not able to see the drive name on my "My Computer" list. The USB detects the external HDD by showing an icon on the system tray with the usual sound.

In the device manager the HDD shows up under the "Disk Drives" as "WD external USB device" and "Device status" on the "General" tab says that the device is working properly.

I tried to populate the volumes on the "Volumes" tab and status shows up as "Unreadable"

The HDD is running fine and i can hear the drive sound when i switch the power on the external HDD.

Resolving Methods Tried:

1. I checked if the disk management detects the external HDD, but it does not show up there.
2. The "Logical Disk Manager" and "Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service" services are running fine. I even stopped and restarted them to see if it the HDD shows up on the disk managment. But it does not.
3. I even uninstalled the USB driver and reinstalled. But still the problem persists.
4. I had tried to connect the external HDD to my laptop as well and it is not detectable on the laptop as well. So the problem is with the external HDD.

But I'm not able to solve the problem.

Experts - Please help me with this.


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Had the same problem

by larrymcp In reply to External HDD - Not showin ...

I ran in to this same problem for a client last week. They didn't need to recover any data, so I didn't have to worry about losing anything.

I went to Administrative Tools/Computer Management, then Disk Management, where the drive was visible. I just deleted the partition, quick formatted and everything was okay.

If you need the data, I would suggest taking the box apart and connecting the drive directly to IDE or SATA, whatever. You should be able to retrieve stuff that way.

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Thanks for the reply

by naresh.joshua In reply to Had the same problem

Hi Larrymcp -

I'm very much worried about the data. Your reply gives me hope that my data is safe. Thanks for your reply. I would like to have that as my last option. Waiting with my fingers crossed to get a solution for my problem.

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It should be okay

by larrymcp In reply to Thanks for the reply

Your data is probably in tact. The USB interfaces seem to be kind of quirky.

If the drive is IDE, you can disconnect your CD drive, plug the HD in it's place and it will show up in "My Computer" as an additional drive, without having to change any master/slave jumper settings.

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Didn't have to format

by jsakschek In reply to Had the same problem

Reading the format post made me soil myself--I too have lost my drive letter. However I just unplugged the power on the hd and re-plugged it in and it showed up again.

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Try and try again?

by Paul Digger In reply to Had the same problem

My 1T mybook powered up. I could feel it moving but on firewire or usb it just did not show up. I tried and tried and sent a question to WD.

I put a different 500G mybook in place of the "bad" drive on usb and the same power adapter. it worked. Then I put the "bad" drive back and it worked instantly.

This was on Win 7 64bit. The drives were both older mybooks before they were split into "essentials" and "world" so they have both USB and firewire connectors.

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Try and try again?

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