External IP address - how do I configure my dsl modem?

By Cyndi224 ·
Hey. Anyone know of how to configure my dsl modem to have a static internet ip address?
Do I also have to change settings on the router configuration page too?

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by Magic Alex In reply to External IP address - how ...

I believe you have to talk to your Internet Service Provider and see if they allow such a thing 1st, if they do they will be able to set things up for you on their end.
You should then configure your router to connect with the resultant static IP if they give one to you.

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Your ISP ..

by ugadata In reply to External IP address - how ...

Your ISP is where you need to start. If your ISP hasn't already issued you a static IP, they will need to do so.

Your ISP will also determine what if any configuring/reconfiguring of your equipment will need to be done.

When I changed from a dynamic IP address to a static IP address, I didn't have to do anything. The new static IP address was assigned to me by my ISP based on my login name.

However your ISP may do things differently and they should be able to give at least a general set of instructions as to what you need to do to use the static IP they assign you.

Keep in mind there maybe additional costs incurred from your ISP for the assignment of a static IP address as well.

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by jocoolguy In reply to External IP address - how ...

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