External monitor is primary and can't see laptop monitor.

By vs ·
A very frustrating problem has arisen for me. I am using a late model Samsung X50. I upgraded to Vista while it was plugged into an external monitor.
Now I don't seem to be able to use the laptop except via an external monitor. If I unplug everything and boot up the laptop by itself I just get a blank screen on the laptop. I can only see what's on it if I plug in an external monitor. It uses ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics card.
How can I regain control and be able to use laptop screen again. I have mucked around with all the display setting for extended monitors etc.

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Wipe the HDD and reinstall your previous OS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to External monitor is prima ...

That way the Keys should work they way that they where designed to work.

But if you want to stick with the Vista install look at the user manual and see which Key combinations switch between the NB Monitor and the external Monitor and try them to see if they still work. They most likely will not and you will need to download the drivers for that unit for Vista from the Makers Web Site if they have any.

You can always try this Windows Vista Community and click on the arrows on the main picture on the opening screen till you come to the drivers window and look there


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Oh Boy You're Real Helpful

by rkuhn In reply to Wipe the HDD and reinstal ...

Hal, if you aren't going help, why don't you just stay away?

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rickk why don't you admit that the programmable keys

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Oh Boy You're Real Helpfu ...

Are unlikely to work with a different OS installed?

If you where capable of reading I suggested that they try obtaining Vista Drivers for the Function Keys and if they couldn't return to the original OS. This is all software dependant. Again you are showing your complete lack of knowledge of Hardware 101!


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Buy a Mac

by unhappyuser In reply to External monitor is prima ...

One more issue with Vista to add to the heap.


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You're a Moron

by rkuhn In reply to Buy a Mac

Thanks for all your insight.

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Try this

by PerezAguiar In reply to External monitor is prima ...

Hi. I'm running Windows XP SP2. Something alike happened to me last week. Boot the laptop with the monitor plugged. Once Logged In, went to Display Properties (right click, Properties), clicked on the "configuration" tab... and checked that Default monitor was the one from the laptop (came with the ATI Radeon by default).

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Default Monitor

by vs In reply to Try this

Hi - it just seems to only see my external monitor. It thinks it is primary. Even when I try to extend it just applies but with no effect. Could this be because I upgraded Vista while my laptop was on dual screen. Could Microsoft be quite so retarded that this could matter?
Also, I've switched to Vista classic so that I have more resources available. I have a rating of 3.6 in the performance software checker. (I get much higher ratings in real life!)

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Special Keys

by rkuhn In reply to External monitor is prima ...

Mine are "Fn" and F4. Could vary by brand and model though.

Should be labeled on the keyboard.

Used to toggle between monitors. Used primarily for toggle between say a projector and a laptop monitor but you should get the same effect.

Don't listen to Hal. He's a moron and just hates anything MS and Vista.

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Fn F4 has been tried

by vs In reply to Special Keys

Hi its not that simple but thanks for contributing. When I hit that key external monitor flashes for a minute but laptop mon remains blank.

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Try FN + F5

by PerezAguiar In reply to Fn F4 has been tried

I had a HP Pavillion, a Sony Vaio, an Acer.. and in all of them, it's FN F5. Please, also try this:
right clic, properties, Configuration tab. Then, you should be able to see both monitors.. one enabled and one disabled. Try to enable the one that reffers to your laptop build in and not the ATI Radeon connection....

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