External monitor not coming on

By yungspaid ·
Ok, well i have a baby in the house and she stepped on my laptop screen, hp is charging an arm and a leg to fix it so i decided to connect it to an external monitor

i cant see ANYTHING on my laptop, and the monitor has the green light, but its a black screen
i have vista and a hp pavilion laptop
plz help!

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Look at the keys on the keyboard....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to External monitor not comi ...

There should be a function key, often abreviated as 'FN', which is probably blue or at least another color than the regular typing keys. The combination of holding that key down along with another key that has a little TV/Monitor like diagram on it, will usually activate the external monitor. Look in the area of the F5 key.

These toggles are usually a 3-way switch, one for laptop monitor, one for external monitor/projector, one for both combined. So, if you press it one time and nothing happens after 10 seconds, press it one more time and wait again. Pressing it the 3rd time would return the settings to where you started.

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by yungspaid In reply to Look at the keys on the k ...

thank you
im going to try that now

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didnt work

by yungspaid In reply to Look at the keys on the k ...

i tried it and nothing happened

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to didnt work
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OK provided you held the Function Key down while pressing the F4 Key

by OH Smeg In reply to didnt work

It should have worked. So what type of External Monitor are you using here. If it is a Old CRT Type these sometimes need to be restarted via the front Power Switch if they have been running for a while. This happens because the Monitor goes into Power Saving mode but it's not getting the correct Signal to turn back on when you switch to it from a NB.

The solution is to turn it off and then back on straight away. If there is still no signal on the monitor and it is correctly plugged into the NB Video Source press the Key Combination again. If the monitor is actually working you should now have some sort of Display on the screen.

OH BTW you should never leave a NB lying around with a baby in the house firstly when they break things it's expensive which I guess you have already found out but much more importantly LCD Screens are highly Toxic and can easily fatally injure a small child. The Back Light has Mercury in it which is a Heavy Metal and can not be removed from the child. It settles in the Fat and will remain in that person for their entire life so Mercury Poising is extremely bad. It also has a undesired side effect the only known way to remove Mercury from the Body is in Females and only occurs when they are Lactating so the Mercury will be passed onto their children as they Breast Feed them. So what happens today will have very long term consequences none of which are good.

The liquid that leaks out of these Monitors also is certainly not good for you and can prove Fatal to a baby. The Bottom Line is Children and Electronics Do Not mix very well and it is a form of Child Abuse to allow small babies to be around Computers at all but particularly near Note Books as these can easily kill them or far worse. :)

It's just you should be aware some young Doctors & or Social Workers at Children's Hospitals MAY wish to drag you over the Red Hot Steaming Coals when you present at the Hospital with a sick child. It's really much easier and safer not to be in that position.

Edited For Clarity I hope.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to External monitor not comi ...

The notebook is capable of switching from the LCD display mode to S-Video or external display modes. <br>
The external VGA port is enabled by holding the Fn key down and pressing the F4 key at the same time. There are three modes that can be toggled through: <br>
Internal Display only<br>
Internal Display and External Display<br>
External Display only<br><br>

Have you acess to another monitor or a TV with an S-Video connector if this doesn't work. </br>

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by yungspaid In reply to Try this

what is an s video connector?

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Check out this link

by Jacky Howe In reply to ?

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