External Monitors and DVD Playback

By ebkow ·
I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my Asus X83V laptop and have hooked up a 22" external monitor to my laptop to great success except when I want to play DVDs. I get the same result whether I use Windows Media Player or VLC. The movie itself will show up extremely washed out white, even though the rest of the screen (including the black "bars" on top/bottom) remains normal colored. If I watch the DVDs on my laptop screen and not the external monitor, I have no issue.

Does anyone know why this is happening and have any idea how to fix this?

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Video out

by shasca In reply to External Monitors and DVD ...

The instructions here have helped me in the past with the same issue. It basically says to attach the monitor before booting up, extend the desktop so it will display on two displays, and make the external monitor the primary display.

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External monitor MUST be the Primary Display ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to External Monitors and DVD ...

Go into the 'Display' screen (I don't know where that is in Vista - I don't use it) where you can allocate a NUMBER to the display.

At present your external monitor will be Number 2 - you need to change them round so that the external monitor is Number 1, and your laptop screen is Number 2.

You'd have the same problem if you were to attempt running a game - the image would show up on the laptop.

Be aware though, once you set the screens up this way - if you disconnect the external monitor and power-down the laptop, when you next boot it you will boot to a totally black screen (the laptop will still be feeding display to the external monitor).

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Thanks, but that isn't the issue

by ebkow In reply to External monitor MUST be ...

I have no issues displaying anything except DVD movies on my external laptop. PC games, Youtube videos, etc. all show up just fine. When I'm home, I just use the external monitor as my primary.

I've actually set up extended desktop with my laptop and external monitor. I "drag" the DVD playing in Windows Media Player from my laptop screen to my external monitor and watch the movie turn white on the external monitor. Very bizarre

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It sounds like some kind of overlay symptom ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks, but that isn't th ...

This (if it is happening in the case of a single monitor) is usually associated with a deficiency in the active CODEC. The CODEC doesn't interfere with the border of whichever media player is active, only with the image area of the media being displayed.

Have you tried updating your CODEC pack?

Also, although it may be of no consequence, what is the make/model of this external monitor?

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Codecs are up to date

by ebkow In reply to It sounds like some kind ...

Thanks for responding again. Hm, just checked on the codecs and they are up to date. I have my windows media player set to download the new codecs automatically, and it's been done.

The monitor is the AOC Envision 22" 720p Widescreen LCD HDTV model no. L22W898

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