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External Power Port for Laptop

By ronschmidt ·
My friend has broken the port where the external power supply plugs into the back or her GATEWAY
SOLO 1450LS laptop. The entire connector containing the center pin has been pulled out. GATEWAY will not sell me the repair part but wants me to sent it to them to fix. I believe I can repair it myself if I can obtain the part. Does anyone know of a source for these. It is the part inside the case in the back that contains the center pin and the surrounding jacket that accepts the end of the external power cable. Also any help, description, or schematic of this part of the laptop would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Ron Schmidt

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by TheChas In reply to External Power Port for ...

Gateway won't sell you the part for several reasons.

Among them is that this is NOT a user replaceable part.

I recommend against attempting to repair this yourself. There are just too many opportunities for problems and your friend will blame you for any problems that show up even months from now.

How good are your soldering skills and tools?

Usually the power jacks are soldered to printed circuit boards. Often, the circuit board will be a multi-layer board. This makes it VERY critical to have the right tools and skills in order to desolder the old jack without damaging the circuit board.

I use a $500 electronics grade soldering system for this kind of work.
At a minimum, the soldering system MUST have accurate temperature control.

There are several different styles of these power jacks. Along with a dozen or so different pin and ring size combinations.

Sources include:

Radio Shack
Digi-Key http://www.digikey.com/
Hosfelt Electronics http://www.hosfelt.com/

Use extreme caution when disassembling the laptop and make sure that you have a properly grounded work surface and wrist strap.

Another thing to keep in mind is that whatever broke the power jack may have also damaged the circuit board.


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by TheChas In reply to

Got your message.

To be honest, I have never looked for a generic laptop battery charger.

If I need to charge a battery, I have an adjustable bench supply that I use.

Do you have a battery store near you?

There are a couple of different chains of battery stores in the US that among other things can check and charge just about any battery.

Or, you could try finding a friend that has a similar laptop and have them charge a battery for you.


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by ronschmidt In reply to

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by ronschmidt In reply to External Power Port for ...

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