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External recruiter vacation pay

By average220 ·
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The recruiter has listed on their site many benefits like vacation pay similar to a full time position. I have just been told the company I've been interviewing for wants to hire me. This is my first time working with an external recruiter recently out of college, and due to my naiveness ended up with a low range from what was advertised. (check out this thread;content)

So my question is, they haven't mentioned benefits at all, can this be negotiated, if so, how? Should I wait for the paperwork to come in first before I even discuss negotiating in that area?

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Benefits CAN be negotiated,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to External recruiter vacati ...

but rarely for an entry-level position.

In order to negotiate, you have to have some position of strength. Since this is an entry level job and you have no experience, you need them more than they need you. Just because they want to hire you doesn't mean their second and third choices aren't close enough to settle for. I would certainly ask what the benefits are, but in your shoes I wouldn't attempt to either negotiate them or walk away because you feel they're insufficient. All you're after in an entry level job is experience. Get some of that while you determine if this employer suits you for the long haul of if it's just a 18-24 month entry on your resume.

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re: benefits can be negotiated

by average220 In reply to Benefits CAN be negotiate ...

ok How do I know im not being shortchange in benefits like vacations days like how much should I expect if its a 1 year contract?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to re: benefits can be negot ...

here we give new hires ten days 'Paid Time Off', which covers both vacation and sick days; we don't differentiate between them. That's awarded at the rate of two days per month worked. In other words, at the end of your second month, you're credited with two days PTO, four days total after the third month, until you've earned the full allotment after six months. I suggest you ask friends or your alma mater's career guidance center; they'll know the local market better than I.

Mind you, I'm in SC in manufacturing. DalWorthington is major metropolitan area and health care is a field that was as negatively effected by the recession. I wouldn't expect much more than that.

I would ask about the comp time and flex time policies. The first covers if you have to work on what isn't a regularly scheduled work day (Saturday, for example) and whether you get a day off later (say, the following Monday or Friday). The second covers whether you're allowed to work hours that are more convenient for you, say 9-6 or 7-4 if the standard is 8-5. Don't ask about these as if you expect to be able to do them; word your questions strictly as seeking information.

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