external samsung usb drive problem

By tylerdurden ·
i have a external SAMSUNG MP0603H USB device. it was working ok, until couple of days ago i changed the casing (old casing power usb cable broke...). now my windows vista home basic doesn?t recognize the drive. it offers me to install drivers, but if i try to do so, it is trying to install them for a while, but then gives me an error warning and says that it can not install drivers for this device (or something like that). then in device manager it shows only that there is an USB drive (with yellow mark) and nothing in disk management nor my computer. and if i want to update the drivers the external hd starts to make squeeky high pitch noise and soon i get to no that i already have the best drivers for this device.
i am stuck. maybe the drive is broken? is there some way to get the data back from that drive?
any help?
thank you in advance...

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It sounds as if you have an Issue with the USB Caddy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to external samsung usb driv ...

It isn't being recognised by your OS.

As for recovering the data you can recover it but this comes at a price depending on what is wrong. If it's just the Caddy a simple change may cure the problem and is quite likely the solution. However if this Caddy has damaged the HDD you will need to send the drive away to a Professional Recovery Service and this can cost big money depending on what is involved to recover the Data.

The place that I use locally charges $900.00 to do a Quote and this is deducted off the cost of recovery if accepted if not accepted you get to pay them the $900.00. Or so I believe as I've never given them a drive to quote on just to recover data from.

Also if you tell them to rush the job it costs more but you can have your data back within 24 hours and at a reduced rates up to 72 hours and then the recovery becomes a Normal Job.

What you need to ask yourself Is your data worth the cost of recovery? If it is you then need to find a Data Recovery House that suits your needs. However a full recovery can just require replacing the Circuit Board on the HDD to removing the Platters from the Drive and reading directly off them in a Clean Room. Without knowing what if anything is wrong with the HDD it is impossible to tell any more from your description.


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