external static IP & LAN IP

By jonnig ·
I want to setup an application on my server to be accessible from lan as well as external users via ISP provided static IP I have :-
1) 1 Windows 2003 SBS with 2 nics setup on a workgroup
nic1 (external) (external TPLINK nic) for putting static ip
nic2 2) for lan(workgroup),
When I setup both the nics in the following way

DNS:- ISP provided
DNS:- ISP provided


the server is able to access the internet using the router, which is now connected directly to the server. and the application is accessible using the servers LAN IP, however I am not able to access the server over the internet. I can do it if I remove the LAN plug off.

What could be the issue?

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run the connect to the internet wizard

by CG IT In reply to external static IP & LAN ...

since this is Small Business Server. that will fix the problem.

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Bindings, Router configuration, Firewall, ???

by oldbaritone In reply to external static IP & LAN ...

Sounds like it might be a service binding issue; maybe it's bound to NIC2 but not NIC1. When NIC2 is out, there's only one port to bind, so it gets the right one. Perhaps it's a firewall issue. It might be router configuration issue, but that's less likely.

But there are many settings that might cause the symptoms you describe.

Msybe the Wizard will fix it; if not, there are a lot of places to check.

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