External to Internal DNS

By simonrowlands ·
We have just setup a Sharepoint 3.0 server. The server name is sharepoint.fs and its internal IP is EG: Now our local authority controls our firewall has has given us external access. They have allocated an external ip which is EG: which is set to forward to our internal ip Now when we want to access our sharepoint server from external we use the following url: This then allows us to access the sharepoint site. The problem I am having is that some parts of the sharepoint site when you click on them are still showing the internal address, i.e. http://sharepoint-fs/sites/staffintranet/default.aspx so when I click on that the page does not open. My question is how do I go about setting the DNS so that when I click on the http://sharepoint-fs/sites/staffintranet/default.aspx from external it will access the site.

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Alot of that

by Dumphrey In reply to External to Internal DNS

will depend on what firewall you are using, how many public IP addresses you have in your NAT pool. A little more info would be good.

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FQDN and DNS records

by CG IT In reply to External to Internal DNS

If you want a name instead of having to type out the address, then you'll need to get a FQDN for the sharepoint site.

and example would be http://sharepoint.<yourdomain>.com or you could opt for [which is different from your regular company domain name so that if you have a web site, users are getting to it rather than the sharepoint site.

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by simonrowlands In reply to FQDN and DNS records

Ah I see. So if I registered a domain name like, and put that to go to the external IP it should work. My only concern is that the sharepoint site works on port 42617. How would I ensure that when someone clicks on the new FQDN it would go to port 42617 instead of the default port 80, or can you set the port up when you register a FQDN.

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