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    External USB Disk Drive not working


    by vkabdulrasheed ·

    My TOSHIBA DISK DRIVE 80GB has stopped working all of a sudden. When i connect the USB drive its shows that USB device connected. But I am unable to find the USB drives in “My Computer”

    I tried on other systems,changing the chord, and also the card that is connected to the Drive, but unfortunately the result is the same.

    I have almost 60Gb of personal data on the drive, please help me???

    Thanking you all in davance

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      by vkabdulrasheed ·

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      First thing that you need to do is open the Drive Manager

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to External USB Disk Drive not working

      And make sure that the drive is appearing there even if it shows as Unacolleted Space.

      Then you can try to repair the File Allocation Table by following the directions here

      If that doesn’t work you’ll need to use some Data Recover Software provided the drive is actually working.

      If the drive doesn’t appear in Drive Management you’ll need to remove the drive and send it to a Data Recovery House to recover your data. Here you’ll need to decide if the data is worth the cost of recovery as the HDD has died and needs to be dismantled to recover the data.


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