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    External USB IDE Drive not recognized


    by prgene ·

    I have many external usb drive connectors which allow me to install an IDE drive and connectm thru USB for extra storage.

    After a few months, the drive is not recognized by the computer. I try disconnecting and reconnecting but to no aveil. I try asking WinXP to rescan drives and nothing.

    What can I do to get the system to recognize these drives?

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      I?ve seen that appen…

      by p_val ·

      In reply to External USB IDE Drive not recognized

      Either the hard drive is faulty or the USB->IDE converter. Normaly it?s the hard drive

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      How’s your USB hub power connector?

      by brooklynpennypincher ·

      In reply to External USB IDE Drive not recognized

      I had a USB hub powered by a wall wart, whose socket loosened enough to deny power to the USB devices plugged into that hub. That resulted in failure to recognize some of the devices on that hub, depending on their powere requirements.

      I was able to confirm this hypothesis by looking at my USB device properties in Control Panel->System->Devices

      Hope this helps!

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      Re-Install Windows

      by ekennedy1 ·

      In reply to External USB IDE Drive not recognized

      After recently suffering the same fate the only solution that I found after many days of trying everything “in & out of the book” was to reformat and re-install windows xp again.
      Although this is an extreme scenario it is never the less as far as I found, the only way to get things going again.
      Hopefully this info helps and good luck.

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      Delete USB Devices

      by alan williams ·

      In reply to External USB IDE Drive not recognized

      Go into device manager and show hidden devices. On expanding the USB branch, you should see a lot of devices. Delete the ones you do not want, if you make a mistake the driver will be reloaded when you attach the device. Then try rescanning for harware changes.

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