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By ms ·
What is the affect on the speed of the networkconnection of a server when adding extra IP-addresses?

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by animatech In reply to Extra IP-addresses

I think you need to rephrase your question.
What do you mean by adding extra IP addresses?
If you mean adding more machines to the network then the answer is yes as you will get more traffic on the network (DHCP request etc..) however it is depended on your link as well if you running 10Mb link then the more you machines you add the more your network will be affected.
If you running 10\100\1000Mb link then you should not notice any difference unless you have an application that broadcasting or you are doing a lot of streaming.

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by ms In reply to RE

Got a server, connected to the network with a 100 mbps full duplex NIC.
Want to run a few websites on it on a range of separate IP's.
Do the additional IP-addresses as such slow down the servers performance when it concernes approaching it? And how do I calculate it independent of the amount of "normal" networktraffic?

Is there a calculation/formula to calculate the loss of performance when a server has, let's say, 10 IP-addresses instead of one?

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No It wont

by animatech In reply to Rephrased

An IP address is like a home address it has nothing to do with affecting performance.
What will affect your server is the amount of traffic generated to&from your web sites, And if this server has other rolls as well.
What will happen is when a user type is one of your sites name the request is resolved by DNS server to the IP address that associated to this address and as a result the user hit the correct web site (If your DNS is configured correctly).
None of that is affecting the actual server performance unless the server is a DNS server.

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