extra money being taken by itunes

By mebennett1310 ·
i have noticed extra money going out of my account from itunes . i then looked at my apps downloads and on some of the dates itunes have taken money no apps was even downloaded. i am not talking 59p at a time im talking ?17 at one go and sometimes these are taken 3/4 times a week. how do i stop this happening coz with itunes i cannot download music or apps

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by Michael Jay In reply to extra money being taken b ...

You download apps and you cannot download apps, and you are getting charged for apps that you did not download, but you cannot download music or apps?

You really need to talk to itunes directly and find out what is going on.

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Keylogger . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to extra money being taken b ...

or other spyware

most likely pinched your login credentials allowing someone else is draining the account

I agree, you need to contact itunes directly and have them investigate where else the account is being accessed from

also, asap! change the itunes login credentials from a known clean system

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/i tunes

by mebennett1310 In reply to Keylogger . . .

it says it is apple i tunes the money is going to, i am going to get intouch with them. thank you

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yes the money does go to itunes . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to /i tunes

when someone hacks an account and begins using the current funds to DL apps and music etc. for themselves

and all it takes is a couple of changes to account settings to prevent the actual owner of the funds from accessing the funds for themselves

specifically depending on how the service is configured,
if a single setting exists such as:
"do not allow downloading from alternate locations / computers etc."

a thief can set that type of setting to enabled and the original owner can't access their own funds to make purchases

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