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    extra settings in modem configuration


    by ragu_info ·

    i allready typed ATX1 in my modem extra settings in control pannel to connet internet. I want to add one more string to enable my modem for receiving the callerid information. I need to add ATVCID = 1 or ATVCID = 2. How can i add the Two Strings ATX1 and ATVCID = 1, And also i use the same modem to connect the internet (Dial up).

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      by deester ·

      In reply to extra settings in modem configuration

      You can combine multiple strings into one statement, ATX1VCID=1, just like ATE0 (ehco off)L0 (low volume)M1 (speaker on until connect) etc.

      So your string would be in the example ATE0L0M1
      So try ATX1VCID=1 as your settings in control panel. This should give you what you need for multiple parameters.

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