Extract multiple cab files

By slickprog ·
Hi, I'm using extract.exe right now and I can't seem to figure out how to tell extract.exe to extract all the .cab files in a folder
extract /a *.cab doesn't work.
it asks for a specific cab file name so i guess it can't do wildcards

Can extract.exe even do what I need it to? Anyone know of a better extract utlity? Thanks for looking.

(to clarify, i am not talking about multiple files inside a cab file)

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Batch file

by ugadata In reply to Extract multiple cab file ...

I don't think extract.exe works with multiple CAB files. You could the expand.exe command that does work with wildcards.

Another option would be a Do .. While or For loop in a batch file to feed the extract command one cab file at a time until all the cab files in the folder or list are completed.

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by slickprog In reply to Batch file

expand doesn't seem to allow wildcards either
hmm this is proving difficult
thank you for your suggestion but i can't write a script to save my life

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apply the switches?

by ugadata In reply to expand

According to the /? option for expand it will allow wildcards for the source but it also requires a destination, and that the destination be a folder/directory.

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by slickprog In reply to apply the switches?

i played around with expand a bunch and couldn't get it to extract wildcards

i did however find a solution. for future reference, i used a program i found online called cabextract (cabext) which works with the command line

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