Extracting DOS DBase III data

By axg ·
I need to obtain (either free or purchase) a tool that will read a DOS DBase III database and extract the data in a usable form. The form can be electronic or paper-based.

My very computer-illiterate karate club has been using a DOS DBase III system to keep track of a large amount of membership data.

However the system is now getting old and they need to migrate to something more up-to-date and reliable.

Neither the DBase source code nor the original programmer are available, and the system cannot be made to run in a DOS window on a modern windows PC.

There is data in the system that is not printed in any of the canned reports, otherwise I would just do a massive print run and get a team of volunteers to re-key the data.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Can it export data?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Extracting DOS DBase III ...

If it can EXPORT data, see if it will export to a DOS based CSV file or even a comma separated TXT file. THAT can be imported into either Excel or Access. No matter which one you use, you'll have to name the fields, but you would have the data.

One last option is MS Works Suite. The database function of this suite can open dBase files.

And, of course, there's always an upgrade to the latest dBase, if it's still available.


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RE: Extracting DOS DBase III data

by Jacky Howe In reply to Extracting DOS DBase III ...

A link that will convert to Excel it isn't free $25. It is that long since I have used Dbase that I have forgotten it. I am sure that you can create Reports. But that would be tedious. Retyping all that info. Follow ThumbsUp2's suggestions for a start.

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thank you

by axg In reply to Extracting DOS DBase III ...

Thank you ThumbsUp2 and fargonebeautiesmate for your replies

I am afraid that the system does not have an export function but I will obtain the DBF to XLS utility. It sounds like the tool I need.

My apologies for the time delay, it is summer holidays here and I had no internet for a while.

Regards, Annette

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No Probs

by Jacky Howe In reply to thank you

it should do the trick for you.


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Some options

by seanferd In reply to Extracting DOS DBase III ...

Text File:
"Use the following command:
copy to <i>filename</i> delimited with <i>delimiter</i>
Replace <i>filename</i> with the name you'd like to give the resulting text file. Replace <i>delimiter</i> with the special symbol to separate fields from each other. The default delimiter is a comma, with the value of each field enclosed between quotes. You can use blanks if you don't like the commas and quotes."
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <br> <br>
You may be able to convert for free <br>

I have also read that these files can be directly imported into MS Access and Excel (in Microsoft Office), at least up to Office 2000 & 2003. <br>
Edit: In other words, for Office, save all the dBase files to disk, then save them to your new installation. I checked Office 2000, it says you can import dBase III.

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Dbase III Plus still relevant

by gbadarivishal In reply to Extracting DOS DBase III ...

Dear axg

I happened to see you posting today.

From my understading of your need what I feel is that you need a report generating programme to print various types of reports from the existing dbase III data.

I am a professional developer in dbase III

If you are interested you can send me full details for which I will develop the programmes from my home and send them back to you with instructions to use it and I hope that will definitely solve your problem

If you feel interested do contact me.

You need not think that dbase has grown old and cannot be of much help for your project.

It can definitely do much much more for your requirement.

In my opinion you need not go in search of something modern only for the sake of modernity.

You may wonder when I say that I am using the dbase III plus DOS version even today
and generating DTP compatible and WEB deployable reports besides maintaining data in it.



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The only real problem here

by OH Smeg In reply to Extracting DOS DBase III ...

Is that you have made no mention of what you want to import the File into so it's hard to tell you what is required. But any Modern Data Base program should be able to import the Data File into it's System and convert the format to the Native Format of the New Application.

Also Excel isn't a DBase program so if you open Access and look at the file types that it can import or use DBase 111 is listed there with Office 2003 at least I'm not sure about Office 2007 but as it isn't adopted by business because of Backward compatibility it may not be an issue. It really depends on what you want to use as a new Data Base Program. But Access can only be used by one person at a time who changes Data on the system so if you need to ability to have more simultaneous users you will need something different otherwise Access will do quite nicely.

So in answer to your question copy the Data File from the old computer to something that both can access and open the DBase 111 File in Access 2003 or earlier an there will not be a single problem involved in transferring it to Access. If you then want to look at the Data in Excel you can open Excel and use that if you really must but as Excel is a Spread Sheet not a Data Base it's not the ideal thing to use.

Of course if you are looking at a real Data Base program it should be able to import DBase 111 Files directly into it and convert them to it's native Format just as easily. I'm only suggesting this because DBase 111 had the ability to have several different users change data simultaneously and that may be required still if it is Access isn't the recommended application to use.


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