extracting files from an out of date phone

By frank771 ·
i have a sony ericsson z500 phone from cingular that i bought probably some time back around 2005. The old phone's charging port is shot so i stopped using it and got a new one.

the problem i have is that i have audio, video and picture files from my youth trapped inside this (now dead) phone! i have the sim card but i'm afraid the files may actually be stored on the phone itself

please if anyone has an idea or would know how to get these files onto a computer somehow

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Not on SIM card

by TobiF In reply to extracting files from an ...

All those files are stored in the phone.

You could transfer those files via Bluetooth from the phone to a computer or another phone.
Or you could use a special USB cable (and possibly some software from SonyEricsson) to access the files as an external drive.

However, if your phone doesn't react to charging, then you'd need to somehow get a fresh battery. (If you'd happen to stop by in Dubai, I could try to help you out :) )

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Buy or borrow a similar phone, charge the battery

by robo_dev In reply to extracting files from an ...

and pop the battery into your phone.

$20 with shipping on eBay for the same phone, which includes a battery and a charger.

You could beg for mercy at a ATT store's tech counter, as they might have an old phone/battery in their trash bin.

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I don't suppose that you checked the Plug Pack

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to extracting files from an ...

To see if that is what had failed here did you?

With Mobiles it's quite often the Charger not the phone that fails. But no matter what you are going to somehow charge the battery and then get the files in question off with whatever connection method you have available.


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USB Cable . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to extracting files from an ...

if you have the USB cable it should also charge the phone (it did on my old w600i), it's a lot slower than the wall charger,

also it will allow extraction of the data as the phone will appear to the system as a flash drive

if you don't have a USB cable here's a generic replacement

- I can't vouch for that site,
as I simply searched for:

"sony ericsson z500 connect with USB"

and that page was on the first results page

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