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Extracting files from ZIP archive.

By lars.lund ·
How can I restore the backup which was created in Genie Manager? I lost a few files in the overall backup sequence. The software vendor knowledge base claims that the almost 2-gig backup files are really a zip file and should be able to unzip with any winzip type utility.
Problem and question: I get zip files, unzip them and all files are extracted fine, but an additional extension. For example document.doc gets extracted as document.doc.genc file.
I rename the file to document.doc and even though the file size, creation date is fine the file is unreadable. This applies to all files extracted this way. Anyone had any experience with this? Or what is a good zip un-corrupt utility out there?

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by lars.lund In reply to Extracting files from ZIP ...

Can anyone help me here?

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ZIP archive

by EgillHjartarson In reply to ZIP

Providing you have the professional version, and hopefully at least version 6.x. Open Genie Backup and go to Tools/Advanced Tools/Genie Eyes and decrypt all the backup files after unzipping them (by changing the main file extensions to .zip). This process will decrypt and make your files usable.

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by Charlotte.B In reply to ZIP

I have heard of the WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool before. You might want to check it out.

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Which OS?

by Charlotte.B In reply to Extracting files from ZIP ...

Which operating system do you have installed?

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