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    Extracting part.rar files without previous volumes


    by lordofthehugz ·

    Help please!! Guys i was wondering if there’s anyway to extract files from a part file .rar archive without the previous parts.
    I am using WINRAR…I had downloaded all parts of the split .avi file…it came up with a CRC error while extracting…so i decided to extract them anyways (selecting the ‘keep broken files’ option)…i thought all was good when the file played…i didnt realize the last part of the file was missing…all i need is the last quarter of the movie…i was wondering if downloading the last part alone would help
    P.S. Yeah and i deleted the .rar files…cant be recovered…was running short of space on my HDD…

    Thanks in anticipation.

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      by lordofthehugz ·

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      No Way Jose …

      by older mycroft ·

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      By deleting the ‘good’ RAR files you’ve also deleted the ‘hook’ that the remainder would use to re-join the family tree.

      You are lucky the decompressed original was an AVI file, any other video format would not have re-assembled at all.

      TWO important things to consider:

      #1 If you were running short of HDD space, you could’ve burned the existing RAR files to a CD, await getting the remaining parts.

      #2 If your HDD space was so critical you shouldn’t be downloading RAR files in the first place – you might not have enough room left to decompress the RAR.

      I hope this HDD that is seriously short of space is NOT your system partition, otherwise you’ll be back here some day when your system fails to boot-up at all. 😉

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        by lordofthehugz ·

        In reply to No Way Jose …

        Thanks man…..cant blame me for trying my luck….i use this software that lets you preview part .rar files as in it streams part files for you… sure you heard of it…its called Dziobas player…..i figured if its possible to preview part files there might be a way to extract them as well….anyways….
        Yeah and i did download all the part files….what i meant when i said it was missing the last part i meant from after joining the split file the avi was missing the last quarter segment
        Thanks for the heads up on the HDD….gonna get when one in a couple of days….not sure which one though….any suggestions???….
        Thanks again Old ‘wise’ Mycroft

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      extracting volumes with winrar

      by foxbatt ·

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      To those who don`t know how to extract volumes :

      1. download the file 2. make a folder on desktop 3. open file 4. highlight all the parts 5. click on extract using winrar 6. when window open , extract to the folder you created on the desktop 7. open folder , highlight all the parts 8. click on a part 9. window will open , choose to extract with file name , nothing else . 10 . yes to all 11. another folder will appear 12. click on any part … it will open 12. double click on file , will began to load and than install …. of course you will know what to do next …. enjoy , Foxbatt
      Question ….E-Mail me …

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      Extracting Volumes Using Winrar 2

      by foxbatt ·

      In reply to Extracting part.rar files without previous volumes

      Foxbatt ..

      Please make sure all the PARTS ARE THERE …. if not it will not work .
      One more thing , all of you probably recieved this window ” …NEXT VOLUME IS REQUIRED ” because you are not extracting correcting … Just follow my instructions
      and it will extract correctly…. meaning putting all the parts together again .

      Enjoy ……… The Fox March 9th 2011 ( Foxbatt

      you are extracting correctly … smile 🙂 ..

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      Extracting part.rar files without previous volumes

      by dawodd ·

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      if you want to extract part of file that is rar without other parts of it ,follow this guide:
      dubble click on the file you want to extract, then choose “extract to” from winrar buttons bar, then choose a destination folder where you want to extract files, then press ok to start extraction, when the first extract finished it asks you that next or second or “filename.part2.rar” is required> leave this window and go to the place where you extracted files, you will see that folder you extracted, now copy this folder to other driver or folder. now if you cancel extraction window your files are safe. i wish it helped you, (sorry for my weak English)

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