Extracting sound tracks from video movies to wave or MP3 cd's

By leehhiltoniii ·
How do I extract sound tracks from movie video's and convert the sound to a wave or MP3 for playback in my automobile's sound system?

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There are various programs available for this purpose...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Extracting sound tracks f ...

However, most of the 'good' ones will cost you an arm, if not necessarily a leg. Some only capture to .wav format, necessitating conversion of the file to .mp3 format after capture.

My favourite FREE weapon of choice is a demo version of 'Free Hi-Q Recorder' which you can get from this link:


You should run your video program of choice AND the Free Hi-Q simultaneously. When the video player is active you can bring Free Hi-Q to the front using the taskbar.

Press 'Record' when you need while watching the film run - press 'Pause' when required etc, etc.

The resultant .mp3 file can be tailored within Free Hi-Q or you could use Audacity to split multiple sound bytes into individual .mp3 tracks.

You can get Audacity from here:



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