Extraction of data from a huge list

By Big bopper ·
Hello all

Newbie (and clueless) so please be gentle and explain everything as though i have the IQ of a sponge!

Basically i have a huge list containing 4000 accounts
From this list (just as an example)
If i wished to identify every person on my list who lived in France and was born in October.....

Is there any way that i could achieve this search by some automated means?

I really don't relish trying to manually check through 4000 individual profiles!

Guess i am looking for some sort of data mining tool or programme??

I use a pretty basic tablet but also have access to a pretty basic laptop
Is what i am trying to do even possible?
Do i spend the next 7 days numbing my own brain by manually searching through the huge list?

Thanks in advance for your help
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