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By sampaio.home ·
After follow instructions for "extrating data from a dead laptop with a laptop hard drive adapter" and under "My Computer" of my desktop PC has recognized the "E" drive (USB), it shows "E is not accessible / Error performing inpage operation", how can I proceed to get access to my dead laptop drive and copy the files?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Extrating data

If you can see the folders on the drive but not access the data you'll need to take Ownership of the Files by following the directions here
Once you take ownership of the files open a folder and see if the files are listed as Green this means that they are Encrypted so you'll need to recover the Encryption Key as well by following the directions here

However if you can not see any files on the HDD and you have removed any jumper that is on it the drive is most likely dead and you'll have to send it away to a Data Recovery House to recover your data which you should have backed up as HDD's in Note Books die at an alarming rate and the few $ spent backing up your data comes nowhere neat the few $K that will be involved in recovering the data.

NB have a rough life and constantly get mover around add to this the fact that there is no metal chassis to mount the HDD to and they also run much hotter than a standard HDD so they die that much sooner.


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xp home to <grrr> vista

by sgriff30 In reply to

old laptop died (xp home) & i got an enclosure, hooked it all up, i see the files but it wont let me copy them! ive tried taking ownership but its still not lettin me copy my files! thanks much & have a great day :)

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by Sue T In reply to Extrating data

If the problem is not ownership but actually a bad hard drive we have found great success on both Mac and PC with Data Rescue which you can find at this link it has worked on every hard drive we have tried it on when nothing else would. The price isn't bad and they will allow you to download a trial version which will actually show you whether or not it will work on your hard drive. In our department we consider this the best software we have ever bought. Good Luck.

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