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By Michael34 ·

I need some major help. I have a PC I am using as a file server running Windows 2000 Pro SP4 and its only finding 32 GB of the 80 GB Hard Drive. The hard drive is a Maxtor 98196H8 Hard drive and I really need to get EZ Bios on it so it will find the entire space instead of just 32GB. I know they have there Max Blast but something about they took off EZ Bios or something because its not on any of the new versions. Does someone have a copy of EZ Bios that Maxtor Made? I know I had a floppy of it for this drive a few years ago but I cannot find it now, only the CD which has a newer version of it on it which does not include it. I called maxtor and spent 10, yes 10 Hours on the phone with a technician and he just walked me in circles and simply came to the conclusion I needed EZ Bios which he could not help me with.

If anyone knows where I can find a copy or has a copy they can send me please contact us directly at

Thank You.

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by dmiles In reply to EZ Bios

See the following site
Also check the motherboard tosee if it supports the large hard drive,it could be that you will need to flash the bios

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by Michael34 In reply to

Yea the problem is as I said its a Maxtor drive and that WD program will not work with it. I already tried and it said "WD Hard Drive not found, Terminating Setup".

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by TheChas In reply to EZ Bios

Check out the Maxtor posted drivers at

It looks like they have older versions of MaxBlast and other utilities.

There are a few utilities and help files posted at the Driver Museum.


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by BobHo In reply to EZ Bios

Are you trying to format the drive to fat32 using w2k? According to Microsoft it is a design of w2k to not allow you to create a fat32 drive larger than 32gb. You can format a drive larger than 32gb by using a win98 boot disk and then use it with w2k or you can format it to ntfs with w2k larger than 32gb.

I did a quick google search for maxblast.exe and came up with a number of available downloads dated from 1999 through 2002.

Good luck,


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by dafukka In reply to EZ Bios

gwscan is a great utility for this problem. It may not solve it entirely, but it will sure make things along the road a whole lot easier.

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by Michael34 In reply to EZ Bios

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