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    ez firewall


    by chris grey ·

    i have a question ever since my dad got this program his computer has been messing up it has been turning itself off and the internet quits working could it be becaouse of the new firewall he put in if you can get some informaton on it for me that would be some great help it is called ez firewall

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      by antuck ·

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      I haven’t had much experience with the EZ firewall. But some things to check.

      What kind of internet connection DSL, Cable or dial up?

      Did you have a firewall before? If you did, was it a software firewall? and is it still installed?

      Have you scanned the system for virus spy/ad-ware?

      What operating system is installed?

      Is there an antivirus program installed? Which one?

      What are the system spec’s (CPU, Memory installed)?

      Since this started after installing the firewall, my guess would be it is the culprit causing the problems. But there maybe a reason it is acting up.

      You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the firewall.

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        by antuck ·

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        Ok, since you never used a firewall and were on Road Runner Cable, you are fighting some kind of infection be it virus or Ad/Spy ware.

        Go to and do a full scan there. This is trend micros web site and it is a free virus scanner.

        Another great site is they have a free online scanner there, but you have to be running Win 2000/XP

        Run both of the above sites.

        Also, run spybot to check for spyware.

        Now you maybe dealing with one of these garbage ware products that you may or may not be able to get rid of. Some of these newer ones are becoming more of a pain to remove. Chances are it is detecting the firewall and shutting down internet access.

        Check in EZ firewall to see what programs have access to the internet. If you see anything with random lettering ie… yzgfdt.exe, block it from having access to the internet.

        There are several other tools to use to remove the garbage ware from your computer. But I would need to know what got installed before having you run tools for no reason.

        After running the scans post back. If you still are having issues, I can be more of assitance.

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      Reply To: ez firewall

      by chris grey ·

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      we never used a firewall before this is the first time and the ez firewall is still installed and we are using roadrunner for our internet connection so i think that is cable when we first put in the program it kept saying that we were infected with trojan than we scaned with mcafee and it came up with some viruses and we got rid of them but it still keeps happening and we also use adaware se but i don’t know the spec’s for the computer though

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      by chris grey ·

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