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    EZ, RH 6.1, VGA DRIVER installation


    by yozzy ·

    I have an S3 trio 3D/2x GRAPHICS CARD ( )
    on the website there is no such thing as a LINUX driver
    when i try to install LINUX V 6.1 (RH) it would not install since it doesent support my VGA card !…
    if there is a way to install withought getting the driver (use a driver off the PC) or something
    or if you know where i can obtain such a driver you get the 100 points.
    and i would be more than GR8FULL 🙂 !

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      EZ, RH 6.1, VGA DRIVER installation

      by jpereira ·

      In reply to EZ, RH 6.1, VGA DRIVER installation

      Your problem is that the X server used by the install process can’t cope with your graphics card.

      You can install RH Linux by doing a text mode install. If I remember correctly, when the install first starts, it gives you a prompt for the type of install at which you should type “text”. It is actually just as easy to do the install using text mode as graphics mode so don’t worry about that.

      If you’re lucky, when it gets to X server config, it will still be able to configure the graphics card. According to the Xfree86 web site ( most S3 Trio cards are supported under version 3.3.6. The S3 Trio 3D seems to be supported in XFree86 version 4.0 so I would recommend downloading and installing that once your Linux boxis running.

      X server config can be extremely frustrating to get working, so if you have any further problems you can e-mail me.

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