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Face recognition is new trend or necessity?

By ped4enko ·
In recent years, face technology is making its way into the mainstream. Advancements in Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and face scanning cameras greatly increase the accuracy of face detection and recognition. Furthermore, there is a growing list of companies offering developer friendly face API through their SaaS platforms, making it a lot easier and cheaper to incorporate state-of-the-art face technology into different types of products.

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Face recognition is a Trend

by hannafrenk In reply to Face recognition is new t ...

I think Face recognition is a new trend not necessity.
We use our smartphones phones so frequently, sometimes it may seem that they know us and our interests better than we know ourselves.

Smartphones are just that, they are smart. They know us well and give us the ability to communicate, create, engage and be around the world without leaving our seat on the train.

They possess capabilities like sending us alerts when unique algorithms pick up a news story we may be interested in, based on our phone usage. Notifications are frequently sent to us through multiple apps that suggest things like who we may want to follow and engage with, or if we want to download new software to make us digitally advanced.

In fact, smartphones have become so prominent, experts have conducted studies revealing just how much time we engage with them. The results are not surprising. According to Statista, smartphone usage is on the rise.

“Just over 36 percent of the world’s population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018, up from about 10 percent in 2011.”

Smartphones have evolved, with tech enterprises like Samsung and Apple leading their industry into digital transformation.

We have seen phones integrate touchscreens into hardware that allows users to unlock their phones with a simple placement of a finger.The phone recognizes our unique fingerprint, enabling us to activate our phones through a seamless application.

Now, the world is being introduced to a whole new wave of mobile technology trends. One trend, in particular, is making a huge stride in the tech industry. It’s a feature that proves phones are able to know you better than you may think:

Facial Recognition!
“What could be more natural than a touch? A look. That was the insight behind Face ID, a powerful and secure authentication system that’s even more convenient than Touch ID. It makes unlocking and paying fast, easy, and intuitive.” Apple reports.
Yes, you heard that right. Our face now has the power to unlock our devices using an innovative technology known as facial recognition, or FaceID.

Apple has recently released news surrounding the new iPhoneX that will have this capability. It has created a huge buzz in the world, especially among tech giants and iPhone users.

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