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    Facebook business manager


    by uzairteacher ·

    A client wants us to manage their instagram account through facebook business manager. He wants us to post stories with swipe up and tagging other accounts but we can’t seem to find this option through business manager. Anyone knows how it can be done? He insists it can be done through fb business manager and is not providing us with instagram account credentials.

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      Does your client have enough followers?

      by emboylen ·

      In reply to Facebook business manager

      Hey, I run a digital services agency in Australia (link removed by moderator), so I manage clients profiles through a variety of platforms, and I manage my own through FB business suite.
      I’ve not seen this option on the FB business suite – which I honestly find very buggy and annoying.
      I know you need a certain number of insta followers for the swipe up link, I think it is 1k or maybe 10k.
      Hoping this might help?

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      insta slider

      by patriciaslucia ·

      In reply to Facebook business manager

      HI there, We had this done by a company called New Media Ghost – they’re global and the reason why we chose them. There is not a way to do the slider on instagram via Facebook. However, if you link your FB page to insta then whatever you post on FB will replicate on your insta page. it was fiddly and we had a hard time doing it. But we outsource all our SM to the above company and they do everything now. So maybe worth you reaching out to a business who can do it easily for you.

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      Facebook manager

      by adi20 ·

      In reply to Facebook business manager

      You can post and run ads through facebook business manager, but cant post stories through it. You have to do it from instagram only. Also you can upload stories and post on facebook through instagram.

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      Reply To: Facebook business manager

      by Shaguftashamid92 ·

      In reply to Facebook business manager

      As the identify suggests, the Facebook Business Manager is a device that lets in you to manipulate more than one Facebook Pages, enterprise belongings and advert accounts of as nicely as Instagram debts and product catalogs, in one place. It additionally approves you to provide full or partial get right of entry to to group contributors primarily based on their role.

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