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Facebook Business Manager - Can't connect a Page. Going nuts.

By AM-Canada ·
Hi there,
I am setting up Facebook Business Manager and ads for a client and it's got me pulling my hair out.
I created the Business Manager account and tried to add the business page on FB. Both accounts are under the same gmail address. In BM, it says the request is pending.
I haven't received this request on the Facebook side. I've checked the notifications under the account, the page, the associated gmail - nothing.
So I try to cancel the request and I get this error:
"ACCOUNT-NAME can't be removed because it's already linked to an Instagram business profile @accountname. To remove this Page from Business Manager, go to Instagram and convert to a personal account or change the Page linked to your business profile."
When I log in to their Instagram account (it is a business account), it says there are no connected accounts, including Facebook.
When I look on Facebook, it doesn't show an associated Instagram account.
I tried adding the Facebook page to the Instagram account and refreshing everything, but no change on the Business Manager end.
I got so frustrated, I wondered if I should just try to start again, but it won't allow me to delete the BM account completely - it says it is not eligible for deletion.
Until I can connect it with the right Facebook page, it's essentially useless and I can't figure it out! I've spent hours on this and scoured over help documentation and posted to the Facebook for Business page but no response.
Can anyone help me with this? I'm going crazy going in these circles.
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Can help but unsure if its the correct answer?

by petraradtuc In reply to Facebook Business Manager ...

In Facebook, search Facebook for Business (should come up as) Facebook for Business @marketingANZ. Post your question here and you'll get a response.

This is how all the platform are now asking and answering questions.

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by deborasumopayroll In reply to Facebook Business Manager ...

Business Manager allows three basic actions when including new assets to its structure. Depending on the action performed on each asset, there will be different outcomes.
Add New
Contrary to what many believe, the purpose of this function is not adding an existing asset to your Business Manager, but rather creating a new one!
The assets that can be created into Business Manager are:
• People
• Pages
• Ad Accounts
• Product Catalogues
• Payment Methods
Claim Page/Ad Account
The purpose of this function is to enable the transferring of one Facebook asset into Business Manager.
It means Business Manager becomes the primary administrator of the asset and no one else can claim it for other Business Manager structures. However other people who had admin access to the asset prior to the move will still be able to access it on Facebook.
There’s an extremely important thing to consider when claiming an asset:
• Pages: They can be removed from Business Manager at any time (they will still be accessible on Facebook); however, the action must be carried out from within Business Manager – and not from Facebook.
• Ad Accounts: Once they are claimed and added to Business Manager, they cannot be removed – so make sure you claim only your own.
Business Manager allows claiming of the following assets:
• Pages
• Ad Accounts
• Apps

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I have the same problem - what did you do?

by katetagge In reply to Facebook Business Manager ...

Hi there - I am having the same problem and wondered if you managed to resolve this? And if so, how? Thanks in advance!

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I'm struggling with this too! Did you figure it out?

by econleay In reply to I have the same problem - ...

Exact same problem here and it's driving me crazy. Did you figure it out? Thanks!

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ask permission

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to Facebook Business Manager ...

what you have to do is, if you want to add the page of your client then you have to ask permission as a moderator & from another side, he/she have to has to give the permission. And if you want to add your one then you can connect them by just login into the Facebook business manager & simply connect them

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I m also facing Exact Same Problem

by ubaid123 In reply to Facebook Business Manager ...

did you manage to fix this issue? i am also facing te same problem, please share the solution... its so frustrating now.

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I can't contact with FB BM Customer Service Agent

by fancy1 In reply to Facebook Business Manager ...

I have meet the same question, it always is in pending. But I report this question many times on their Business Manager, no one responds to me...

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Facebook Business Manager - Can't connect a Page. Going nuts.

by hrypar1991 In reply to Facebook Business Manager ...

Hi. I had the same problem. After few hours spent on resolving this problem I found out that the page I wanted to add to newly created Business Manager was already connected to client's business manager they did not know it exists. I found out through Facebook Commerce manager > Settings > Business Assets. The next steps then are find somebody who has an access to this BM or change the ownership of the FB page which most probably won't be possible without the BM it is currently linked to.

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