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Facebook. Is it secure?

By Peconet Tietokoneet ·
To many this is a quick link to friends around the world, but are you at risk because of the lack of security that this site has NOT got built in.

Everyone goes on about spam emails, but we can block these out with some software or know-how. But it seems that on facebook your are putting your life in danger and not only that you are putting your kids in danger too (if you have any).
Some people on here are going to say "rubbish, you do not know what you are talking about". So to prove my point, here is a snippet from a newspaper

"Facebook Security. It has none".

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, doesn't care about our privacy.
A Facebook employee interviewed by The New York Times last week, when asked how his boss feels about privacy, responded: "He doesn't believe in it."
Zuckerberg believes privacy is no longer a social norm.
"People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people," he said. "That social norm is just something that has evolved over time."
But have we gone too far?

Not only is it incredibly egomaniacal to post photos into the ether of yourself skiing with friends (unless you are 12, in which case it becomes an ever murkier arena), it can also be dangerous.

I suppose that what I do as a columnist is to put my life on a page, but I still get a bit affronted when people I've never met profess to know me. I was recently the object of a stalker?s rather warped "admiration".

He would send me cards and flowers and letters too long to read. He knew my address, which puzzled me rather. He said we had known each other in a previous life, and that he was my "soulmate".

And then, on a Sunday morning, this man turned up at my house. I would have been less annoyed if I'd not been wearing pyjamas. He pushed his way into my kitchen; I called a friend, who rushed round. "Please leave!" she said, and then he got a bit nasty.
Finally, my stalker got into his car and left.

I know i will never join or go on this site.

If anyone thinks i have made this up. then please read more here.

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So don't go.

by Ron K. In reply to Facebook. Is it secure?

Big whoop.<br>
"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

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So, you like people you do not know.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to So don't go.

On your doorstep?
Would you like your house/flat to be ransacked while you are in it or while you are doing the shopping?
But then, from reading your post, you do not care anyway.
All i can say to you is "make sure you lock your doors at night". :)

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Get one thing straight.

by Ron K. In reply to So, you like people you d ...

You can take your assertions about my character, wants, needs and desires, or whatever your rantings mean, and stick them all squarely where the sun don't shine. <br>
After viewing your behavior over the years here at TR I've come to some various conclusions about you that I don't care to put in print because I DON'T CARE what you think. Your opinions on ANYthing aren't worth more to me than a laugh. <br>
I hope you feel the same way about me. <br>
I've been around long enough to know that you can find printed matter 'proving' any point under the Sun. If folks choose to believe your paranoid delusions, more power to them. I'm not going to live my life or teach others to live theirs by anything you have to say. <br>
Clear enough for you?

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Hello Ron...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Get one thing straight.

I have my opinions on the subject and you have yours. All i am trying to get across is Security. Many a times we hear about security in the work place, so why do some people on the web just chuck security out the window?
We all go into banks or bank on-line and if banks have to have the up to date security about your account, name and address etc, then why not Facebook?
If you like Facebook then fine, everyone has their own opinion(s) on the subject.
All i want to say is that Facebook should be more secure that is all.
Have a good week. :)

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My bank isn't even secure.

by Ron K. In reply to Hello Ron...

A few business credit cards were cracked in the state of Michigan so my bank shut down my business card, and other, with no notification whatsoever. It's been three weeks and I still don't have full use of my business debit/credit card. <br>
My point is, there are damn few places you can go online that are secure. I'll wager that we have TR members that could crack TR if they had a mind to. <br>
Do a test PT, create a fake ID with a temporary email address at Facebook, login in and lock your accounts down tight. Sure, FB still has the real data but the data the 'normal' people can see is minimal. ****, you're lucky to even find the names of a few folks. <br>
Try it and don't like it, fine. Don't try it and expound on it's insecurity and who, exactly, do you think is going to take you seriously?
There are TR members over there that I'd trust to secure top-secret government installations. They're there and NOT whining about Facebook's insecurity. So sign up and see or stop spreading the FUD already.

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Your bank should give you an apology....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to My bank isn't even secure ...

And give you new cards to use. It is the banks fault here not yours. The banks are getting bailed out with your tax money from the government so you should hold them responsible for your troubles. Three weeks is far too long when you have a business.
Hope it gets sorted in the near future for you.

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Do you argue with indignation

by lars_honeytoast In reply to Get one thing straight.

because you aren't secure in your defense?

Often people that argue with anger, aggrivation, etc. do not feel confident in their answers.

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Well, Zuckerberg is an ***. What do you expect?

by seanferd In reply to Facebook. Is it secure?

Never much cared for the types who have been in upper management and financial backing from the start.

No, I don't like anything about the amount of control a user has over his own account, nor the complete lack of security involved. But since it is Web Crap-Point-Oh anyway, I really don't care about it from personal perspective, excepting the occasions where people ask me to get a FB account. It would be nice to keep up with people that I respect in another forum as well, but such is life.

Do Not Want.

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Facebook is as secure as

by .Martin. In reply to Facebook. Is it secure?

leaving your front door unlocked and a note saying 'please don't steal from me' stuck on the door.

don't let this experience shake you too much. there are a lot of weird people out there...

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If you were to locate me on Facebook,

by Ron K. In reply to Facebook is as secure as

You'd be able to see that I'm a male, associated with a few groups and that's about it. Friends can view more information but not much. Friends of friends can only comment on posts I make.<br>
How is that like saying, "rob me?" <br>
I know of one person who practices (my new favorite term) hypervigilance because she's had her identity stolen in the past. She's on Facebook, if you can find her. She's nobodies fool, either.

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