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Facebook or Google+ : Which one you are more active on and why?

By mail2hemant ·
Facebook is dominant and Google+ is making headway. The future leadership will be decided very much on the fact as which one is able to impress more users and who can tweak themselves as per user's behavior. Share your thoughts on which one do you like and why?

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I don't use either as neither provides me with any benefits in life, they

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Facebook or Google+ : Whi ...

only detract from my work and waste time in large amounts.

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Yep, equally inactive on both.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I don't use either as nei ...

I have no objections to wasting time, but neither (nor any other 'social network') are on my list of preferred methods.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Facebook or Google+ : Whi ...

To me at least both are a massive waste of my precious time. I'll actually go as far as to say everything like either of those are a Massive Waste of Time.

About the only good thing to come from either now is the fact that the ramblings of the idiots who use them are being used to convict them of the crimes that they comint, so maybe they are not totally useless.


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what's Facebook ?

by highlander718 In reply to Facebook or Google+ : Whi ...

I never did and neve will use either. The idea itself seems to me completely unnatural and false. 187'564 Friends ? right .... and puting and sharing all the nonsense ? I barely use e-mail for personal communication.

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remember, a friend in need is just another bludger with his hand out -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to what's Facebook ?
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mail2hemant, which do YOU prefer?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Facebook or Google+ : Whi ...

You're new around here. It's expected to express your own opinion when asking that of others.

What future leadership do you see being decided by these sites? I would avoid any leader selected via social network.

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I'd have to say Google+

by OurITLady In reply to Facebook or Google+ : Whi ...

but only because I don't have, and never have had, a facebook account. I do have a Google+ account but I use it pretty much for following a few companies and groups that interest me, I rarely post on it and only have a couple of individuals in my groups.

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I use facebook

by mail2hemant In reply to Facebook or Google+ : Whi ...

I thank the responders for their opinions. The response are pleasantly surprising to me because i thought each of us use some sort of social networking sites to keep in touch with friends in this technology world, though the majority of updates might not be of any news.

Well, when it comes to me, which one i use and why...I am actually registered on both, because I am online most of the time and I love to connect with people. But neither of these sites of any use to me other than reading some jokes or funny updates from friends, which sometime lightens my mood while in stress at work, so switch to my Facebook page, read some jokes and then turn back to my work.

Though people send me circle request at Google+ but it didn't get into my head till date as how it works.

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To me, a social network is where I converse with people either by

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I use facebook

1. Direct discussion while face to face or over the phone, or

2. Via written messages via pane and paper mail, email, or messages on a board such as TR.

A social network is NOT a place where you just click to say you know someone, nor is it a place where you play silly games and send loads of messages to try and get others to play them with you.

Years ago I had a FaceBook account as it was the only way I could communicate with some people about a project as we were both on very slow dial up services and the coordinator's FB account worked like the notice board. But soon after that project closed down I had all these other people wanting to link with me because I once knew them - some I'd not seen in over a decade. Then I was getting hundreds of emails a week from FB about their games and being tagged in photos. Not a single message about anything important. FB wouldn't let me delete the account or close it without going through a very involved time wasting process, so I change all the info and gave it a very rude name with lots of stuff derogatory about FB, the account soon vanished off the system. No more of that crap for me.

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Actually both are very good

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I use facebook

When you consider just how stupid most people actually are. Both give the Police/Authorities the ability to catch Criminals because they boast about what they have done in both Forums.

The Idiots then wonder how they got caught.

Other than that one instance there is absolutely no point in being involved in either.


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