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By jardinier ·
What do you consider to be a reasonable number of friends to have on Facebook? Can a person seriously keep in touch with 200 or more people?

I would be most interested to hear your opinions on this. It seems to me that people just collect "friends" to feel that they are important or needed. Some people have up to 600 "friends."

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by santeewelding In reply to Facebook question

You are lost to minutiae.

God rest your pickaninny soul.

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my opinion

by PurpleSkys In reply to Facebook question

I think it depends on whether or not a person "wants" to stay in touch with all the folks they have on their "friends" list. My list is comprised of 139 ppl that yes, I do indeed know; they are family, folks I have gone to school with, worked with, and met online through either here or another tech group that I am a member of. I don't keep in touch daily, but at some point throughout the year, I touch base to see how they and their families are doing as they do with me.

Now my oldest on the other hand, has over 800. They too are family, friends, ppl she has gone to school with, a few foreign exchange students, her b/f's family, folks she has worked with, and various others who appreciate her graphic work and photo editing that she like to play with on the side. When it comes to staying "in touch" with those folks, family and close friends always...others, couple times a year to see how Christmas, summer breaks, and birthdays have been.

Now, she doesn't gather "friends" to feel important or needed, she is quite self confident and self assured all on her own than to need something superficial to make her "feel better"; the same goes for me, she is a lot like her mom in that respect.

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a little of my own clarification

by PurpleSkys In reply to my opinion

the folks i added from school were the folks that were my best buds when we were there, some of us have moved away and fb was one way we could find each other again. I have a couple buds that moved to Ontario and I moved about an hour away from home, a few others are actually still home but had moved around a bit and we lost touch. I love being able to shoot a message to them now, even if it's just to say hi. :)

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People with that many friends

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Facebook question

have them for gaming. There are gaming pages where people who need neighbors, mafia members, etc... post their profiles to get added solely for games.

It's not about keeping up with friends in this case. It's about advancing in whatever game a member is partial to.

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Crystal ball says...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Facebook question

It is decidedly so.
It depends on the kind of material the account is used for.
If someone primarily produces material, and takes up very little, it can be seen as a venue for disemination; in which cases thousands of "friends" could be possible. They would then be invitation only recipients.

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I agree with Boxy

by gadgetgirl In reply to Facebook question

Those people with hundreds of friends are usually the game players. Also, the game players add game players and their friends, and on it goes....

Some of us are very aware of social networking and it's security implications and use it in a very restricted way.

To use myself as an example: I never add "friends of friends" (I don't see the point unless it's gameplaying, and I don't do that on FB) I haven't added anyone I used to know from school (why would I? I had an horrendous time there) I DO add friends and family. I have both all over the world (literally) and it's a good way of keeping up with them.

It's also a good way of passing news on to many with "one hit", and not overfilling peoples' mail boxes. Also useful when you can't talk/speak/type because your heart is breaking - the news came out of Murff's passing that way as I was emotionally incapable of typing an explanatory email to all.

( I know you're not on there; in case you were wondering, all I posted was "Heartbreakingly Murff-less" - I had over a dozen sympathy-mails in under an hour and every last one of them helped)

My cousin is currently doing Christian charity work abroad, and the cost of telephone calls is extremely high, when the phone lines work, that is. Thanks to a bit of jiggery-pokery with a school connection, he posts a status once a week to let the family knows he is ok, dates of return etc. Otherwise, we would have periods of up to six months without contact with him.

Hope this helps to clarify things a bit more for you, Julian.


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Hope this helps to clarify things a bit more for you.

by jardinier In reply to I agree with Boxy

Hi GG.

Yes it was very helpful. Thank you.

Sorry to hear about your unhappy memories of school. My first four years of high school at a private school were years I wish had never occurred. However my final two years at a public school were indeed nice, and through Facebook I found my very best friend from that time.

Indirectly through another person I linked up again with another former very best friend.

What I am doing is unfriending people who post inconsequential drivel. Today I made a new friend and what a friend. I am in a position where I will possibly/probably/definitely have to sell my large apartment and most of my belongings. Immediately she has posted on her wall details of my apartment asking if someone would like to rent if fully furnished as is. If I can find such a person, I can keep the apartment and my stuff while I live in a rented room and watch someone else reduce my debt.

Now that is what I call a friend.

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I have something like 50 friends.

by Ron K. In reply to Facebook question

I don't feel as if I need or want anymore. Quality, not quantity, for me. <br>
Having hundreds, to me, would be like having hundreds of friends on Twitter. How in **** are you going to keep track of who says what?

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